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Funky Chicken

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Last night I was looking for a new place to try. After reading Houston Eater’s article on Bradley Ogden, I thought I’d try Funky Chicken. We arrived at 9, which is unfortunately when they closed, but when I approached the counter to ask if they were still serving, they insisted it wasn’t an issue. Deciding on a crispy half chicken which came with 2 sides, we opted for quinoa salad, and a green salad. I added the roasted brussel sprouts and the jalapeno cornbread.

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The crispy chicken was moist with a very nice crust. The green salad was fresh, not overly dressed, but not too exciting either. The quinoa salad was excellent, although toward the end it was a little overpowered by sweetness of the golden raisins. The roasted brussel sprouts were well roasted and my favorite item of the meal. The cornbread sticks were a little floppy, but flavorful and slightly spicy.

Overall the meal was excellent. It’s a fast food atmosphere, but the food is good quality. They were playing 70’s funk during the visit, which I loved and thought the tie in with Funky chicken was clever. Everyone was really nice, even though we were eating after closing hours. Someone (I think the manager) brought us excellent white chocolate cookies before we left.

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Atmosphere: Casual

Service: Counter, but brought to the table

Noise: relatively quiet with music, but we did arrive as they were closing.

Location: Strip mall on Heights, north of Washington.

Parking: Plentiful



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